14 July 2011

MOLLIES & Team McMillan BMW Ladies Lunch - Wednesday 13th July 2011

Gorgeous Mollies staff floated twith bubbles; Ladies sipped bubbles; Elegant models paraded..... a scene reminiscent of a Parisian salon here in St Mary's Bay, Auckland

WOW! THIS is the best way to enjoy a cold, wet and windy winter on a Wednesday! 
Mollies & Team McMillan BMW hosted 52 elite women for lunch and a fashion show on Wednesday 13th July.

Ingrid Starnes & Sera Lilly showcased their latest collections, and Natalie Chan's Millinery was cleverley used as ornamental table displays to whet ones appetite. 

The Sanctuary Day Spa at Mollies announced the arrival of our new spa product "Sodashi" and gave away spa vouchers to a few lucky ladies, and Team McMillan BMW also gifted tickets to Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" Broadway production that will be showing here in Auckland.

If only every wintery day was like this......

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